About us.

Global Media Holdings (pvt) Ltd; is the  premier travel and lifestyle publisher of the monthly travel magazine,  ‘Sri Lanka The Treasure Island’ –a paradise isle Destination and the only regularly updated travel guide exclusively to all the foreign travelers who visit Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka The Treasure Island –a paradise isle Destination is the intelligent, beautiful travel magazine for those who are curious about to know and expose the Pearl of the Indian Ocean, Sri Lanka.



Corporate Profile



Our corporate profile collaborates around the company’s flagship publication, ‘Sri Lanka the Treasure Island' (SLTI). The innovative magazine was launched in April 2013. It is the only magazine destined with Super brand status in Sri Lanka for destinations




“ To become the largest network and profile personality in destination tourism in Sri Lanka."


"To engage in a business in this country to boost the socio-economic and socio-cultural development, that contributes towards the national development at large along an innovative path to motivate tourists and travelers around the globe to find the best destinations to explore in Sri Lanka.  With our team of committed professionals to enhance the quality of life of everyone engages with us a significant course has been uncovered to glorify the nation’s big picture.”



As Sri Lanka strives to achieve excellence in the trade of travel and tourism, the best services with value added components is comparable with the best competitors in the world. SLTI's focus is uniquely on the glory of Sri Lanka’s business environment related to the trade of Travel and Tourism.  



SLTI enjoys a monthly readership of around 80,000-100,000 (a print run of 10,000 copies on average, read by eight-plus people per copy). The target readership comprises tourists, travelers, general and opinion leaders, and decision makers and professionals. It is increasingly read by the academic and diplomatic communities, and civil-society organizations. SLTI CYBER EDITION is available on the Web – at  www.treasureisland.lk



SLTI covers the spheres of  places, destinations, hotels, restaurants, guides and guidelines, leisure, adventures, food life concepts and many more that better cater to nourish and enrich the fast growing trade of travel and tourism in Sri Lanka.  The content of every monthly issue in will be published in brief in our web in order to offer a first hand view of the magazine’s content being updated monthly.